Get stunning TIG-like welds
- like beads on a string

DUO Plus™ technology automatically gives you better control of your weld pool.
It reduces heat input and ensures a perfect weld bead appearance.

Set your average currents and DUO Plus™ takes over.
Several cooling periods during a weld are visible in the shape of neat droplets
which come together in a beautiful weld seam.

DUO PlusTM is ideal for:

  • All materials
  • All welding positions


Better finish with increased automatic process

DUO PlusTM technology optimises control of the weld pool and improves traditional MIG/MAG sequence welding.

The technology automatically controls the set welding current
and ensures several cooling periods during a weld.
This reduces the average heat input.

The automatic sequence function allows the welder to MIG/MAG weld with a slow peak/pause frequence,
which is known from many TIG machines.

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