Tough, robust, high-performance

Designed for heavy-duty usage in shipyards and on construction sites.
Has proven resistant to a little of everything.
Ideal for welders in the field who are on the move.

Three different control panels
- take your pick!

Expose it to a little of everything - it won’t mind

Omega Yard is tough. It has been tested under tough conditions in extreme environments. Thanks to the robust cabinet and highly insulated electronic components, it has proven highly resistant to impact, dust and moisture.

Are you a welder in the field?

Move around easily. Omega Yard is your partner in crime in narrow and open spaces. Reversed polarity gives you the possibility of outdoor welding with electrodes or using innershield wire (MIG/MAG without gas).

Heavy duty, no power loss

Weld for many hours. Weld with long welding hoses or electrode cables. Weld with a generator as a power source. Experience no power loss.
Omega Yard just keeps on welding.

For a perfect finish

Get stunning TIG-like welds with a MIG/MAG welding machine. DUO PlusTM technology automatically ensures a perfect final touch. It works in all materials, for all welding positions and all welders can do it. It’s quite simple.


Stable wire feeding at all times

Tacho control of wire motor and four-roll wire-feed system provide stable wire-feeding under all conditions, irrespective of mains voltage - and always according to your settings.

LED light in the wire console makes it easy to change wire and wire rolls in low light environment.

Boost for more mains voltages

Add an electronic Boost Converter (autotransformer) to your Omega Yard to be able to weld on all three-phase mains voltages from 208-440 V.

Feel the difference

Choose a MIG-A Twist® torch for your Omega Yard. It is optimal for varying working positions. Ensure ergonomically correct working postures at all times.

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It’s keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Omega Yard.

Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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Kvaerner Stord

The Omega Yard is my clear first choice. When we tested the machine, we were able to weld for 55 minutes using approx. 300 amps, without any changes in the weld pool.

What stopped the welding operation was in fact that our wire coil ran empty. I have never seen anything like it with compact welding machines.

"I believe we can reduce the number of welding defects with the Omega Yard, precisely because it performs 300 amps."

- Oddvar Schei, Welder and Planner,
Kvaerner Stord, Norway

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