Super simple, hard worker

Designed for steel structures and thick metal welding.
The smallest of the largest welding machines for the professional industry.
Ideal for welders who demand simplicity in advanced welding.

Omega matches your individual needs

Three power sources, three control panels and multiple options. Weld MIG/MAG and MMA. Do MIG brazing and gouging. Use innershield wire (without gas). Weld on various mains voltages.

Always easy operation with Omega

Secure maximum weld penetration

With PowerArc technology, you build strong and solid structures in mild and stainless steel. Achieve maximum weld penetration in thick plates when welding fillet welds and butt welds with PowerArc.

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For a perfect finish

Get stunning TIG-like welds with a MIG/MAG welding machine. DUO PlusTM technology automatically ensures a perfect final touch. It works in all materials, for all welding positions and all welders can do it. It’s quite simple.

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Boost for more mains voltages

Add an electronic Boost Converter to your Omega 300 to be able to carry out welding and brazing on all mono-phase and three-phase mains voltages. The Omega 400 and 550 are available with a conventional autotransformer for three-phase 230-400 V mains supply.

Feel the difference

Choose a MIG-A Twist® torch for your Omega. It is optimal for varying working positions. Ensure ergonomically correct working postures at all times.

It’s keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Omega.

IGC® Intelligent Gas Control technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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We want to be the best. Therefore, we make high demands on our subcontractors. With the Omega 550 with IGC (Intelligent Gas Control), we save up to 65 % on our gas consumption.

"In addition, the Omega is a robust welding machine with a simple and easy-to-operate control panel. The synergic welding machines improve our productivity which increases our production of globally sold large steel structures."

- Ole Kamp, Factory Manager,
Steelcon, Esbjerg, Denmark


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