Reliable, flexible, powerful

Choose between three different power sources, including pulse function and High Frequency (HF) welding.
Ideal for on-site welding and workshop use.

Bring your Focus TIG along

Excellent TIG welding machines with an attitude. Designed for complex welding tasks in the field. Perfect for mounting and service. 

Advanced TIG welding - simply easy

The intuitive, icon-based control panels are easy to understand.

Applicable under all operating conditions

Choose HF or LIFTIG® ignition (scratch ignition). This allows you to also weld near particularly sensitive electronic devices, such as hospital equipment.

Ensure maximum utilisation of power

The Focus TIG machines features PFC (Power Factor Correction), which allows you to weld with a long mains cable or with a generator as power source.

PFC ensures maximum utilisation of power and enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current using only 16 A mains fuses.

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