Handy, mobile, user-friendly

Ideal for mounting, maintenance and workshop use.
Weld mild and stainless steel anywhere.
Focus Stick is perfect for on-site welding. Also outdoor.

Fits in everywhere

Handy, mobile, lightweight - the carrying strap makes Focus Stick easy to bring along. It is small and fits in everywhere. You can easily put it on the shelf or in your tool trolley.

Only one knob. It’s that simple!

More than an MMA inverter

Simple TIG welding with scratch ignition is also possible with Focus Stick. For more flexibility, you have the option of plus or minus polarity on the electrode clamp, so you can weld with basic as well as rutile electrodes.

Ensure maximum utilisation of power

The Focus Stick machines features PFC (Power Factor Correction), which allows you to weld with a long mains cable or with a generator as power source.

PFC ensures maximum utilisation of power and enables welding with approx. 25% higher welding current using only 16 A mains fuses.

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