Fantastic, digital, unmatched

Flex 3000 is for you who will not compromise on welding performance - ever - when it comes to car repairs.
Perfect for processing high-tensile steel, ferritic stainless steel and other special alloy materials.
Ideal for the most passionate auto welders.

Keep a clear overview at all times

Flex 3000 control panel

The digital soft key control panel is intuitive and provides a clear overview at all times. Navigate easily through the welding icons to establish your settings. Features pulse, double pulse and various welding programs designed for special alloy, thin plate welding and brazing in the auto business.

Send cars securely back into traffic

Double pulse for welding and brazing allows processing thin high-tensile steel plates precisely according to car makers' instructions. These processes ensure maintenance of the welded material in terms of corrosion and strength. They reduce your time spent on post-treatment. This is cost-effective and efficient welding.

Ready for future updates

Flex 3000 is developed for the professional auto business - the most innovative industry in terms of inventing new materials and metal alloys. Flex 3000 is always ready for future updates via SD card.

A clever digital memory

Take advantage of a digital memory in your welding machine - save your favourite welding settings and recall them anytime you want. Transfer settings to other Flex 3000 machines. Miga Job ControlTM makes it easy to find your routine settings and start welding right away.

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Feel the difference

Work the MIG-A Twist® torch into place between the components on a car chassis. Adjust the angle of the swan neck and reach the spots that are not easily accessible.

It’s keen to be green

Experience large scale reductions of your gas consumption with Flex 3000.

Intelligent Gas Control® technology prevents over-consumption of gas
and gives you savings up to 50%.

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