Sophisticated, modern, efficient

Developed to meet the increasing demands for joining materials in professional car repair shops.
Designed for welding and brazing in high-tensile steel.
Ideal for professional auto welders.

The synergic inverter based Automig2-i knows how it’s done

MIG brazing

Use Automig2-i's MIG brazing process for galvanised steel plates. The process ensures maintenance of the welded material in terms of corrosion and strength and reduces your time spent on post-treatment. This is cost-effective and efficient welding.

Send cars securely back into traffic

Double pulse for welding and brazing allows processing thin high-tensile steel precisely according to car makers' instructions.

Automig2-i is prepared for the future

Always have the latest software update at hand. Use an SD card for software updates.

Meet future requirements for welding processes and repair of new types of steel which gain acceptance in the auto business.


Handle multiple welding jobs

Do not waste your time on wire changes. Automig2-i DUO has room for two wire reels. You can easily make quick change-overs between welding and brazing operations without having to change hoses, wires, wire drive rolls and gas.

Boost for more mains voltages

The Automig² 273i and 273i DUO can be equipped with an electronic Boost Converter (autotransformer) for welding and brazing on mono-phase and three-phase mains voltages.

Flexible torch for Automig2-i

Work the MIG-A Twist® torch into place between the components on a car chassis. Adjust the angle of the swan neck and reach the spots that are not easily accessible.

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