Achieve high quality workmanship with the correct torch

Choose from a wide selection of high quality welding torches or construct your own.
From small air-cooled to heavy duty water-cooled torches.

Feel the difference

MIG-A Twist® ensures ergonomically correct working postures when welding in varying
positions. Twist the turnable swan neck and
lead your torch into the perfect angle.

60 different configurations.
From 150 to 550 amps.
Go for air-cooled or water-cooled.

Choose from various MIG/MAG torches

Small with maximum flexibility - 360° turnable swan neck. Push-pull torch for easy wire feeding. Heavy duty torch with double cooling for extra low temperatures.

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Improve your TIG experience

TIG Ergo for user-friendliness and various control units. TIG Adjust for 360° freedom and when you require frequent adjustments. TIG Flex for a shapeable torch body. Stubby parts for reducing the height of the torch to make it fit in everywhere.

Endless configuration options.
From 55 to 460 amps.
Go for air-cooled or water cooled.

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Firm grip welding

Use fully insulated rubber electrode holders for a safe grip when welding MMA in 45° or 90°. Always weld with the optimal electrode grip.

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Get the cutting right

Choose the right air-cooled plasma cutting torch for manual and automated cutting and gouging. They all have a long service life.

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We give high priority to ergonomics and we can tell that our welders like the hose’s lightness and the user comfort of the handles, which enables far better working positions. We must say that Migatronic has been good at keeping up with developments and is highly knowledgeable in the field of welding technology.

- Bent Larsen, Technical Manager and co-owner, Carsoe, Denmark

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