Automate, achieve perfection, win

We understand your need to stay competitive.
The key to improving your ROI is efficiency.
Optimise your welding production, or parts of it, with automated welding and increase your efficiency.

High quality at all times

Get access to the most up to date welding technology. Achieve perfect, uniform welds that will improve the quality of your final product. Your automated welding process will always deliver perfect welds.

Safe Investment ProcessTM (SIP)

SIPTM is how Migatronic Automation works as an integrator. A partnership with Migatronic Automation is your guarantee for a structured and well proven investment process. Together we make sure to prioritise all resources correctly and secure maximum added value through all stages in the process.

Automate any welding process

No matter the size and complexity of your upcoming automation project, as your partner, we will find a solution: MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma, resistance and laser welding.

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Offline programming equals flexibility

Continue a full blown production while programming the next workpiece in line. Simplify your everyday working procedures and increase the flexibility in your welding production.

The programming system supports all 3D CAD systems and is able to communicate with all robot brands.

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To us, it is not about quantity, but quality and fast delivery. Today, we weld eight different products on the laser cell, but we plan to weld even more

- Peter Krogh, Technical Manager, VOLA

Kverneland Group

From the outset, we experienced a strong partnership that reflected great professionalism and expertise in all phases of the process, but we also sensed a strong commitment and pride from the representatives of Migatronic Automation in developing the best possible solution for us.

- Oddvar Tjåland, Project Manager,
Kverneland, Norway

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In essence, automated welding provides efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness to our large volume production process, while concurrently ensuring uniformity in design and quality of our products, which in this case concerns the airbag inflator.

The production interdependency in the automotive industry also explains why we place such high demands on our own business partners and their ability to deliver. We simply rely on them just as much as our customers rely on us.

- Anders Ohlson, Project Manager,
Autoliv, Sweden

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