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Enhance your welding production with an automated solution and increase your competitiveness immediately.
Get full access to our expert knowledge on welding technology.
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Get a new assistant:
he CoWelderTM

The everyday helping hand. Are you spending big bucks on small hand welded batches? Use a CoWelderTM - program it and start welding. Yes, it’s that simple.

The CoWelderTM ensures maximum flexibility, easy programming and a short payback period. It is suitable for simple workpieces and large as well as small batches. This is smart welding.

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*So far, the CoWelder™ is marketed only on selected markets.

Jyden Bur A/S

We can program new workpieces in no time. It really only takes 30 minutes for us to program a new workpiece and a few seconds to recall already stored programs. I don’t think it can get any easier.

- Sebastian Jacobsen, Project Manager,
Jyden Bur A/S, Denmark

Improve your quality with ArcSystem

Increase the level of consistency and repeatability with Migatronic ArcSystem.

The ArcSystem is a modular system of standard components. Your solution will build on our expert knowledge of welding and extensive experience with robotic systems.

Learn more about ArcSystem (PDF)

Long way to go?

A long seam automatic machine will take you there. Optimise your production of welded tubes, sleeves and sheets. Be ready to take high quality and optimal welding speed for granted.

Quickly convert to a new welding process. Minimise your production costs. Weld MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma.

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Make your welding production spin

Go for a round seam automatic machine when welding round workpieces. Adjust the installation quickly to new welding processes and program several workpieces. Weld MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma.

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Multilak A/S

We have chosen a welding robot from Migatronic Automation due to their extensive experience within automation and welding. To us, this means that we achieve a high level of uniformity and perfect finish when it comes to our welding processes.

- Lasse Astorp Malmgaard,
Managing Director, Multilak A/S

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