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L&S Technischer Handel

CoWelderTM robot

We are pleased with the CoWelder because programming components and switching from one component to another is easy – its flexibility is amazing.

- Torsten Lezius, CEO,
Technischer Handel, Germany

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Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik

CoWelderTM robot

Our typical batches vary from a single customised unit to 1000 units, which emphasises the importance of maintaining an agile manufacturing process that can be adapted easily to the specific needs of our customers"

- Fleming Frederiksen, CEO,
Svend Frederiksen Maskinfabrik, Denmark

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J.E. Juncker

Field-testing Sigma Select

We have field-tested the Sigma Select at our manufacturing facilities, and we are very impressed with its versatility, durability and user-friendliness. The portable control panel is also a particularly valuable feature for our type of company, as it provides our welders with a high degree of mobility.

- Søren Krag, CEO, J.E. Juncker, Denmark

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Kverneland Group

Automated solution

Our essential requirement was a system that could handle all aspects of the welding process, particularly in relation to the difficulties involved with the correct positioning and fixture of the components. So we were very pleased with the complete automated solution that Migatronic Automation developed for our expanding production line.

- Oddvar Tjåland, Project Manager,
Kverneland Group, Norway

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Nicon Industries

Offshore welding

The Sigma is future-proof in the sense that it can receive software updates throughout its service life, while it is also a very robust yet mobile machine that enables our workers to do their job in rough, offshore working environments.

- Anders Hecht-Pedersen, CEO,
Nicon, Denmark

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VLH Lastechniek // Inno-Tec

Dealer collaboration

We are very pleased with the service and advice provided by Migatronic and VLH throughout the entire process – from demo and test to subsequent installation of the welding machines, where Migatronic optimised the configuration of the machines to our unique production line.

- Sten van den Boomen, 
Production Leader, Inno-Tec, the Netherlands

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Automated solution

In essence, automated welding provides efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness to our large volume production process, while concurrently ensuring uniformity in design and quality of our products, which in this case concerns the airbag inflator.

- Anders Ohlson, Project Manager,
Autoliv, Sweden

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KML Miller

Welding high-tesile steel

Our engineers and welding operators are enthusiastic about the ease-of-operation and pre-programmed welding processes for almost all applications, whether for the frequently used fine-grained steel or for extruded aluminium profiles in various alloys.

- Sven Lewen, IWE and Welding Supervisor,
KML Miller GmbH, Germany

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